Assignment – Flash Photography

Here are just a few notes on my first photography assignment, student portraits in college. The whole point of this assignment was to produce 3 images for use in a newspaper:

A head and shoulders portrait;

An image of the student studying;

An image of the student in their environment;

All of the above should be shot (obviously) using flash.

The initial assignment was done in the library during class, my initial photo’s turned out to be a little disappointing, i was struggling to balance the (slightly harsh) light from my flashgun with the fluorescent lighting in the room, resulting in some overexposed images. The best images from the session are below:

(all images Copyright Gary Danton)

I was also concentrating on the more technical side of photography, ie trying to be clever with my camera rather than focusing on taking a good photo (I consider my lesson well learnt here).

As a result of this I decieded to reshoot my assignment images at home under more controlled conditions, with much better results. I also christened my new toy – my “ghetto” flash diffuser, made from the end of a plastic milk bottle! (more about this in the future).

My final images are on my Flickr site here (please note, only my course colleagues will have access)

In all I enjoyed the assignment and have now worked out how to get the best out of my flash gun.


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