Assignment Prep – Rough Guides

The next assignment is as follows:

Assignment 2 is to create 3 book covers for fictional Rough Guide books. The point is to reflect the “brand values” of Rough Guides in the design.

The guides can be on any subject, ie sport, music, travel etc.

Thats pretty much it, lots of creative scope. The Rough Guides layout template will be provided in class, so I just need to concentrate on the theme, subject and the image itself. Image size needs to be 20cm x 20cm @ 300 dpi, 2 sets of prints are required, one for portfolio and a second for mounting on foamboard in class.

Below are examples of existing Rough Guides.

(All images Copyright Rough Guides)

Initially i assumed that Rough Guides only did travel guides, but a quick peek at the website shows a massive range of subjects covered, like travel, sport, culture, music and technology – so i’ve got plenty of choice!

Now I just need to brainstorm and work out exactly what subjects i’m going to pick.




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