Newspaper Photography (a very quick study)

As part of tuesdays class, we discussed the use of photography in newspapers and journalism, as “home work” I’ve trawled some local and national newspapers websites looking for examples of the different types used.

Newspaper 1 – The Daily Mail

Image 1 - Daily Mail

Image 1 - Daily Mail

The article that the above  image accompanied was about the proposed Conservative policy of increasing the price of alchohol should they win the next election. The image itself is a stock image from Getty Images and clearly emphasises the point that the paper is trying to make with the article.

Newspaper 2 – The Guardian

Image 2 - The Guardian

Image 2 - The Guardian

Image 2 is from an article about a chemical spill in the River Trent. The image appears to have been take by a staff photographer or freelancer and will have been shot for the article in particular. As a standalone photo, it’s not great, but in the context of the story its actually quite powerful. The use of an image with a person dressed in an environmental suit shows the seriousness of the article.

Image 3 – The Bolton News

Image 3 - The Bolton News

Image 3 - The Bolton News

The third image is part of a local interest story in The Bolton News. The story is about a local businessman who has had a seven foot screwdriver attached to the roof of his van for a marketing campaign. As with image 2, the photo isnt great in a traditional sense, but as an accompaniment to the story it does tick all the right boxes, it shows the businessman himself, and the van, which is the heart of the story.


From the above examples you can see that anything really goes when talking about newspaper photography, the main point is to make it relative to the article in question, even to the point of making a really cheesy.




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