Assignment – Product Shot

In last weeks class we were given another photography assignment to do in class, this weeks assignment was on product photography.

Every time you see an product either in an newspaper, magazine or online it will have been photographed in a similar style. The important thing about this type of photography is to make the product the star of the show, usually with a clean background (say pure white or black) with no harsh shadows..

I’ve scouted the internet for a few examples, see below:




Product photography normally shows the product either in situ with the environment that its intended to be used in (first image) or against a clean simple background (second/third image). From my rsearch it seems that less is more, the whole point of this type of photography is to let the product shine, not be hidden by a messy background.

Heres the assignment brief:

Good Food magazine is running a feature about classic food packaging of the 20th Century.

You are to produce 1 photograph of a product and experiment with lighting and composition to make your image as interesting as you can.

Your pictures can be in colour or black and white.

The products you are photographing will include the following:

Marmite, Oxo,  Coleman’s Mustard, Coca Cola, Kellog’s Corn Flakes, Heinz Beans

Simple as that.. First thing was to setup and have a play with a light tent. I really like light tents, they give great even diffused light either from a flash gun or from contant external lighting (any external light source will be diffused onto the subject being photgraphed evenly).

Here’s an example of what I managed to produce:


(image copyright Gary Danton)

As a first play with this type of photography I don’t think i’ve done too bad, I think that technically its pretty much there, the background has a nice smooth graduation and the subject is well lit. I will admit, it lacks a certain “wow” factor, but I’m having trouble getting excited about a tin of beans.

In conclusion, i think that i managed to obtain some pleasent, good looking images of the subject matter in question, however I wasn’t particularly enthused by this assignment, I guess that by picking a more exciting subject may raise my interest in product photography!


2 thoughts on “Assignment – Product Shot

  1. Product Photography is an artform in itself. Creating the right lighting effect while not casting any “bad” shadows is very important. Also the type of lens used and depth of field will greatly affect the results.

    BTW – Thanks for listing my photo!

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