Tethered Photography

As part of my assignment on product photography I’ve been looking at different ways of shooting product shots. I recently watched an episode of the Art of Photography on tethered shooting and it got me thinking..

What is tethered photography?

In Teds podcast he explains it pretty well, but in essence its a photography technique where you attach the digital camera to a PC. You use the PC to perform the majority of functions of the camera, even using the PC to take the shots.

As such its a great technique to use for still life and product shots.

One problem with Teds video is the fact that the software he suggests is Mac only, as I use a Windows 7 Laptop, I need an alternative…

Alternative Software

A quick google search led me to a piece of software called DCamCapture. Its designed for use with Nikon Camera’s only and works with pretty much all current models (D40, D40x, D60, D80, D90, D200, D300, D700, D3, D3x). It uses Nikons API to communicate directly with the camera.

DCamCaptures interface is funtional but straightforward:


One interesting feature of the software is the fact that it also allows you to take scheduled shots, and specify the number and time between shots, this is especially useful for time-lapse photography on a budget!

Installing it is a piece of cake and it’s easy to get up and running (check out setup instructions here) and produces great results. The software itself is pretty basic, and provides some limited functionality but at least you get the idea of how the technique works..


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