Timelapse Photography

As a follow on to my post on tetherered photography i’ve also been playing with the timelapse functions available with tethered photography software. Since my post on DCamCapture i’ve since switched software to one with a little more functionality, the software i’m now using is called DIYPhotobits.com Camera Control 4.0.

The result

How did I do it?

The inspiration behing this was another of Ted Forbes videocasts. After setting my D40 on its tripod, manually setting focus and jacking it into my laptop, I configured the Camera Control software to take a single image every 5 seconds until I manually stopped the process. Then I went out and left it to do its thing.

It turns out that the process stopped after around 650 images when the battery on the D40 ran out! Each image was saved to a folder on the laptops desktop which was resized to around 1000×700 pixels using Irfanview’s batch processing plugin. The resulting images were then opened in Apple Quicktime Pro as a sequence of images at 50fps the whole thing was then exported as a .m4v file and uploaded to Youtube. Simples.


I really enjoyed playing around with this technique, its an interesting way to show movement or a slow moving process. I’m slightly annoyed by the fact that the first 5 – 7 seconds of the Youtube video appear garbled, but at least it proves the concept.




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