Exhibition Visit – Salford Quays


(image © Gary Danton)

Just got back from visiting a number of photography exhibitions at the Lowry and Imperial War Museum – North at Salford Quays, Manchester (the weather was less than clement, as you can see from the image above).

At the Imperial War Museum there were two exibitions: Living with the Wall: Berlin 1961-1989 and Marines: Portraits by Alastair Thain.

Living with the Wall was a wonderful group of photos taken between 1961 and 1989, showing a more human side of the wall, photos varied from architectural black and whites of the wall, to colour surveillance photos of East German troups courtasy of the British Army. Its a great exhibition, but left me wanting more, as its only a select few images, albeit of very high quality.

Marines is an outdoor exibition of photos taken just as the troops have finished a training exercise. It captures the expressions of the soldiers in minute detail, you can really see just how exhaused they are. Its an interesting outdoor exhibition, but with only 6 photos there really needed to be more.

The Lowry was host to The Half: Photographs of Actors by Simon Annand. The Half is the theatre term for the last 30 minutes before the curtain goes up, its a time for the actors to reflect and prepare for the performance. The exhibition covers 25 years of access to actors such as Jim Broadbent and Stephen Fry during performances.

Its a wonderful exhibition, you really get a feeling of the emotions that the actors are experiencing before a performance, the lighting and composition is impeccable and the black and white images are wonderful to look at.

Anyone visiting Salford Quays should drop in and have a look at all 3 exhibitions as they are all free entry to the public.




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