Night Photography

Tuesdays class was a mini field trip around Bolton to take some stock nightime images of the town. After a brief visit to the Bolton News offices, we set off to capture some atmosphere. The image below was my best of the night:

(image © Gary Danton)

I really enjoyed night time photography as it makes you think more about the camera itself. I was forced to go totally manual, guessing the exposure based on the ambient light. For the majority of the images, the aperture was set to f22 and a shutter speed of between 6 and 8 seconds was used.

The one big exception to this rule was the image above, it was set to f22 and an exposure of 30 seconds. It was by far the best of the night, I love the light trails and the ambient light. I used a 4 stop neutral density filter to get the light levels down so not to overexpose.

Some other highlights of the walkabout are below:

(images © Gary Danton)

You can catch the whole set on flickr here.




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