Anglezarke and Tigers Clough

Ive been out and about today and have been reasonably productive. I went for a drive around Anglezarke Reservoir and then had a walk around Tigers Clough in Horwich. The best picture of the day is below, and has a story attached!

Tigers Clough Waterfall(image © Gary Danton)

The waterfall image almost didnt happen at all. I’d set my tripod up and was just attaching an ND6 filter to the front when I slipped about 2 feet on some mud that I was standing in, I managed to save the camera (phew!) at the cost of wet feet and muddy trainers, but the filter holder and filter bounced merrily into the water and were gone.

I’m a bit gutted about losing these, but i’d rather replace £20 worth of accessories than a £300 camera 🙂

As usual, the rest of the set is on flickr




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