Kent Trip Pt 1: Canterbury Floods

Hi All,

I’ve finished processing the first batch of the images taken on my recent trip to Kent. While in Canterbury shopping and generally having a good look at whats changed in the 5 years since moving away, I took a few snaps of the unseasonably high water levels on the Stour.

Canterbury Floods(image © Gary Danton)

Due to some prolonged heavy rain over the previous week the water level on the river was between 3 and 4 feet higher than normal, given that most of Canterbury is on the water line and built on a flood plain, thats not a good thing.

The good thing was that the river level was low enough for it not to bust its banks in the city itself as that would have been complete traffic chaos. Not everywhere was high and dry as  Sainsburys car park down the road had a good soaking. The neighbouring town of Fordwich also bore the brunt of the flooding.

The rest of the Canterbury Floods images can, of course, be found on flickr

Parts 2, 3 and possibly 4 to follow soon.




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