Up close and personal

Hi All,

I got bored on a recent lunch break at work, so I decided to make a few modifications (non-permanent of course!) to my new cameraphone.

Colour Halftone Macro #2(image © Gary Danton)

This shot is an extremely close macro shot of a skin tone on a brochure that I had lying around on my desk. It was taken approx 5mm from the surface of the page. Corner to corner, I estimate that the whole image covers an area of no more than 5mm square.

Solder Macro(image © Gary Danton)

The above shot is of a solder contact on a printed circuit board. The diameter of the contact is no more than 1.5 – 2mm across.

The acutal modification to the camera, to allow it to focus so closely to the subject involved the use of an additional lens, in this case, it came from a broken CD-ROM drive that was lying around waiting to be binned. After stripping it down and removing the lens, I fixed it in place over the phone lens with a small piece of blu-tak.

The whole mini-project was  inspired by a flickr user called “cnflikt”. He used a lens from a broken DVD player to create his “super macro” shots.. you can see his set here.




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