Another experiment with texture

Hi All,

I’ve reworked another old image and texturised it. This image (originally unnamed) is called “Exposed”

Exposed(image © Gary Danton)

As with my previous reworkings of older images i’ve included the original image below for comparison. The “donor” image was taken April 4th 2009, on a windy day on the West Pennine Moors. Its one of my favorite images from last year, but it was missing something.

20090404-DSC_0015(image © Gary Danton)

The process was quite straightforward, the donor image was already black and white, so all i had to do is duplicate the background layer, set this new layer to 50% opacity and overlay, and insert the texture between these two layers. All of this was done in Photoshop and took about 10 mins to do.

I kept the processing of this image consistant with my previous attempts at “Art”. I think i may be developing my own style of image 🙂

My other attempts can be found on flickr




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