New lenses for the collection

I have very recently been given two new (well, new to me) lenses from one of my work colleages.  Both are M42 mount which would be a problem for me except that my when I was given my Chinon CM-4s it came with an appropriate adaptor.

Helios 58mm F2

(image © Gordon England)

From what I can find on the internet, this lens appears to be a cheap Soviet knock off of a Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/28 T. Having said that, the lens is fantastic quality for a 30/40 year old model (I’m guessing it was manufactured in the 1970’s due to the lens mount). The aperture rings rotate smoothly and the action of the diaphram is flawless.

Prinzgalaxy 135mm F3.5

(image found via

This lens is a bit of an enigma, i’ve done a google search for this lens and apart from a few ebay listings, nothings come up. I belive that Prinzgalaxy was a brand exclusivly sold in the UK by Dixons, but was mainly made of rebadged lenses from other manufacturers. I cannot find any more information on this lens, but i’ll update the post if I find any more on it.

Although the lens is in good physical condition, it does appear to have a small defect in its diaphragm. When the iris is closed, one of the blad appears to be sticky, and fails to close with the rest. This gives the diaphragm a teardrop shape to it. Quite how this will affect the images produced I wont know until I get my first batch back from the lab, although i’d assume that it’ll have some interestingly shaped bokeh.


I’ve yet to take any shots on these lenses but I would like to note some observations on them. I’m not sure if this is specific to the M42 mount lenses but the apertures are totally manual. On my OM series lenses you set the aperture ring and when the shutter is fired the diaphragm closes to for the duration of the shot, then springs back open again.

The M42 lenses require you to close the diaphragm by hand for each shot, they lack the internal workings for the camera to do this for you.




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