Historic last flight of Atlantis

Hi All,

Justa quick post. I regularly follow the flickr blog at flickr.com – its a great way of discovering unusual images their stories.

Todays posting really jumped out of me, its about the last flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. This is a subject really close to my heart, growing up in the 80’s I remember seeing the Shuttle on TV all the time, I even had the toys and Airfix kits!

I think this is a wonderful evocative image and although its a well earned retirement, it’ll be sad to see the last of the Shuttle when the remaining 3 are decomissioned at the end of 2010.

More on the Space Shuttle can be found via wikipedia.

Below is a HD video of the lauch. Even though Altantis first flight was 25 years ago, its still a miracle of modern engineering.




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