RIP Chinon CM-4s

Hi All,

Saturday was a sad day for me, as the Chinon CM-4s I’d been given last year died on me. The camera itself still works but the manual rewind mechinism appears to be broken, despite all the rewinding in the world there were a few inches of film left in the take up spool. The camera itself was missing the film rewind knob when I aquired it, you can see my “repair” on the image below.

Chinon CM-4s(Image © Gary Danton)

I was especially gutted as this was the first outing with the Helios 58mm F2 I’d been given in march. I had some old expired film waiting to be used, and I’d read that this was a particularly sharp lens so I’d waited for a nice evening to test it. I’m going to get it developed today so i’ll see just how much I was able to salvage of the film!

On the upside, I’m down to my last couple of films so I thought i’d treat myself to some replacements. After some shopping around on the internet i’d found some good deals via AG Photographic. This is what I bought:

  • 2 x Kodak Ektar 100
  • 1 x Ilford HP5+ 400
  • 1 x Ilford Delta Pro 100
  • 1 x Kodak BW400CN

I’d read on the internet some good things about the Kodak Ektar range, especially about the vibrance and colour saturation that the film has so I thought i’d give it a go. The rest of the films I bought are different types of black and white. I’ve used Ilford FP4+ exclusively up until now so I wanted to try some different films. The HP5+ for overcast days, the Delta Pro for it fine grain and the Kodak BW400CN to see how it fairs up when processed by a commercial lab.

Over the next few weeks I’ll do some research into getting another SLR as a replacement for the Chinon (unless I come across one on Ebay and raid it for parts), I’d like something newer, possibly an autofocus Nikon so i can use the lenses on my D40..



***Update 3rd June 2011***

I finally picked up a replacement for the Chinon – a Pentax P30n


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