Summer Solstice

Hi All,

Last week I had the pleasure of trekking up to the Two Lads to watch the sunset of the summer solstice. This was the first time i’d done anything like this so didn’t know what to expect. The jaunt was organised by one of my friends as a geocaching event, and a few extra’s tagged along.

Quarry(Image © Gary Danton)

The above image is taken from the footpath looking down on what I believe is Pilkingtons Quarry, an unfortunate scar on the landscape (you can see it from my house across the valley – about 3 miles away).

Walkers(Image © Gary Danton)

The above image is of two of my friends – Mark and John.  I took this immediatly after the quarry shot, and was lagging behind 🙂

Pike Sunset(Image © Gary Danton)

This is Rivington Pike silhouetted against the sunset, i’m surprised just how well the D40 held up to the low ligh conditions, even with the ISO set manually to 200, i was expecting some horrible shutter speeds (I even took my tripod just in case) but I was pleasantly surprised.

Silhouette(Image © Gary Danton)

This last image is on Mark and John silhouetted against the sunset, and is one of my favorites of the day.

We finished up the evening by carrying on the the Pike to watch the remainder of the sunset, and walked back to the car in the dark (lol). I’ve already booked my place on the winter solstice walk.

The rest of the set can be found on flickr.




2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

    • yeah it was a great night, i’m planning on doing the winter solstice as well this year.. looking forward to it. 🙂

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