Fun with Wire

Hi All,

This week was the first taster session of the BTEC Art & Design course I’m enrolling on. As time was tight, we managed to jump straight into a mini project. A few random sheep bones were plonked on the desks in front of us, and we were told to do a quick sketch of the bones, and then turn that sketch into a 3d sculpture, the medium was wire!

I’ll have to admit, mild steel wire isnt the easiest thing to work with, while it is quite soft and is easily bent, its incredably slippery and refuses to stay in place. We then used papier-mache to simulate the appearence of bone structures.

After a hour, I managed to come up with this:

Wireframe sheeps skull

Yeah sure, its not wonderful, but at least you get the idea that it was the skull of *something*, although it does look more like Ren from Ren & Stimpy than it does a sheep!

When I got home, I did a quick search on google and flickr to see what others had done using this technique, and some of the results are impressive to say the least:

wire telephone01

This sculpture of a retro telephone was made by a flickr user called polyscene, I cant imagine having the patience to do something like this, my fingers would be in tatters. I also found a sculpture of a Toyota Corolla via

This is one of the most impressive wire scuptures I’ve found, its an almost perfect replica of the car. It was comissioned by Toyota themselves for an advertising campaign.

More to follow…




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