Hi All,

Had a great day out in Blackpool yesterday at the illuminations. We arrived early (narrowly avoiding the Blackpool/Blackburn football match) and enjoyed a chippy tea before having a stroll along the beach.

After a quick stop in the the arcades (it just had to be done) we boarded a tram to watch the Illuminations. Here’s a few of the images I took:

Towards the South Pier(image © Gary Danton)

The above image was taken on the promenade, you can just make out the south pier and the pleasure beach in the distance.

Blackpool Beach/The Moon - Delete as appropriate(image © Gary Danton)

This image is of the patterns in the sand, I’m not sure exactly why i  took a picture (I felt strangely drawn to it) but I’m glad i did, because it made a great black and white.

Blackpool Illuminations(image © Gary Danton)

This image was taken as we waited to board the return tram back to the pleasure beach, I was stuggleing to take night images in aperture priority mode, so i changed to shutter priority, with a steady hand i managed to get it to between 1/15 and 1/20 second exposure.  Considering the shot was taken without a tripod,  i’m very happy with the result.

There are a few more images taken as part of the set, you can see them on flickr




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