Photo Restoration

Hi All,

Over the last few weeks (and months on and off.. ) I’ve been working on a little project that’s quite personal to me. Two years ago, my Nan passed away, while my Aunt was going through her possessions she found a photo of my Grandad, Hogg Nelson Watson. The photo itself was stained, ripped, scuffed and generally in a poor state. After long hours of tweaking, toning, cloning and weaving some photoshop magic I’m extreamly happy with the results.
Hogg Nelson WatsonThe photo itself was shot around 1950 in a pub in Hersden, Kent. Hogg was a miner who travelled to Kent from the Scottish Borders in the 1930’s looking for work (that explains the clothes he’s wearing). Below is a before and after comparison of the results:

Before and After

As you can see, the original was in a sorry condition. I think the biggest challenge was the recontruction of the damaged top corners. The content aware fill funtion of Adobe CS5 went a long way towards sorting this, but i still had to to a hell of a lot of cloning and retouching by hand. Removing the rips and scratches was also a challenge, as I didn’t want to destroy the detail below.

All in all I think it took around 10 hours to do, but that included a lot of messing around seeing what I could and couldn’t do with the software. I’m extremely happy with the results and would love to test my skills on some more photo restoration projects.




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