More Film and a Mini Review

Hi All,

After reorganising my home office last weekend, I was rooting through an old camera bag that I’ve not used for a while and I discovered a roll of film that I’d taken the first few weeks of May this year. I remember shooting the film but had clearly forgotten to get it developed.

I’d previously used Ilford labs for mail order processing, and while i found the quality of the work good, they were a little slow in getting it done (the couple of time i’d used them it had taken two weeks minimum) – so I set out to find another lab for the processing.

Peak Imaging (

After an hours furious googling, I decided to give Peak Imaging a go. At first glance i was very surprised at just how competitive their rates were with basic processing only starting at £4.04 for 35mm and £3.75 for a 120 roll of film. Another surprise was that this was the same for C41 (Colour), E6 (Slide) or B&W film  (one of the main reasons I’d been put off shooting slide film is the excessive cost of development).

So last Monday morning, I decided to go for it and posted my film off (freepost, which is an added bonus) with a cheque for £9.96 which was the cost of development plus basic scanning and £2.95 postage (for single roll processing only this drops to £1.47) and waited with baited breath for the negatives to come back.

I didn’t have to wait long!

I received my scans and my negatives on Friday morning, 4 days after posting them off. And I’m very happy with the result. I also received a proper invoice for the work, a funky catalogue and a pre-printed box for my next order so i don’t even have to scrounge for a jiffy bag.

I’d happily recommend Peak Imaging to anyone for the quality and speed of processing alone, the fact that they process all film types for the same cost is a great bonus, as I’d been put off exploring other films for this reason. After a quick email i also found that they are happy to process infrared film as well – although it can take an extra day.

The only thing i could suggest to improve service is to allow an online payment option, rather than rely on cheques or postal orders.

And now a few of the images:

Bridge(image © Gary Danton)

Road(image © Gary Danton)

Both the above images were take using an Olympus OM10 with a 35mm F2.8 lens on Ilford FP4+ film, Rivington, Lancs, May 2010




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