Ebay.. where there’s no such thing as a bargain

vivitar ultra wide and slim

Image by slimmer_jimmer via Flickr

Hi All,

Little rant here.. i just lost out on lot on Ebay. Yeah yeah i know, you win some you lose some. Well this time I’m annoyed. Ive been following for the last 3 days a Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim plastic point and shoot – described as “new in box” (clearly not as the picture was taken with no box in sight, but i’ll let that pass..) and i thought i’d give it a punt.

Its been a few years since I’d last attempted to buy anything on Ebay and i now know why I’d given it a wide berth. The simple plastic camera went for £28 plus £3 postage. I was simply staggered by the amount it fetched.

I thought I’d put a bid on for a tenner and see how it went, but this was quickly passed and the price rocketed. I mean I bought a pristine 50mm lens for my OM-10 for less than £20 and that’s some brilliantly engineered Japanese glass. If you want a quality piece of kit, go through a dealer – they know what they are on about and usually have fair prices. Ebay tempts you in with the promise of a bargain but its easy to get into a bidding war then your way out of pocket.

I still would like something like the UWS and i think i’ll stump up the £25 for a brand new replica from Fred Aldous.

Ebay.. I’ll give you a wide berth in the future.




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