More Film Incoming

Hi All

Holga 135.(image © Andy Sunley – found via flickr)

I had the fortune to borrow a Holga 135BC (I’ll have a review of this camera in the net few weeks) for a trip down to Canterbury the other weekend. I’d decided that this would be an analogue only trip and there wasn’t a digital camera in sight. Along with the Holga, I’d taken my Olympus OM10 with a 35mm f2.8 lens.

Film wise, i wanted to test out a few different types of film and i opted for two types I’d not used before. I’d had a roll of Kodak BW400CN that I’d had kicking around for a while (loaded in the OM10 months back – and promptly forgotten about) and I wanted to use something higher speed than FP4 as the shutter speed and technology of the Holga couldn’t cope on a grim November day.

Both Kodak BW400CN and an Ilford HP5+ have been sent for processing only by Peak imaging – having recently acquired a half decent film scanner I’m eager to give this a go.

If earlier orders are anything to go by I should have the processed negatives back by the weekend, and I’ll have the images up shortly after.. cant wait!




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