College Update and More Film Inbound

China's Holga camera takes medium-format photo...

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Hi All,

Its been all quite on the blog for the last few weeks, after the Christmas break I’m back to normality at work and haven’t stopped to think.

One thing that I’m very excited about is the fact that I’ve started my film photography module on my BTEC Art and Design at college. Over the next 10 weeks I’m hoping to learn the whole process of taking the shot (might need extra special help here!), processing the negative and then getting a print at the end using the college darkroom. I’ve had a few hours darkroom exposure (excuse the pun) before so I’m not going in blind.

I’ll report back with what I’m up to over the next few weeks.

Another really, really exciting thing is I’m about to send of my first test roll of 120 film from my Holga. As reported before, I was given a Holga for Christmas with five rolls of Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO film. After watching a few videos on youtube on how to load the damn thing (really didn’t want to screw it up) I took it for a walk round the village – all i can remember is that it was cloudy and i may have a shot (or two) of some horses and sheep in a local field.

The films being sent off to Peak Imaging as normal, so I’m sure of a quick turnaround!

I’ll post a full review of this great little plastic camera once i’ve digested my test shots.




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