Holga Test Shots

Hi All

After a decidedly average day at work today, I got home to discover a nice little brown envelope containing the negatives from my Holga test roll. To say I was surprised would have been an understatement! The roll was only posted on Tuesday (2nd class free-post I might add) and was back with me today, two days later! Well done and thank you Peak Imaging!

After an hour of frantic scanning I found that I had 8 usable negatives. This is a pretty good average considering the hit-and-miss nature of the Holga, and the fact that I used ISO 400 film on a very overcast day.

Here are the 8 shots in all their lofi, Holga glory!



Both the above images were taken on the path down to the A6 in Blackrod. In the second you can just about make out the Winter Hill mast and Rivington Pike in the background.

From The Back WIndow

This is my atypical test shot, from the window of my home office.


View from the end of the platform at Blackrod train station.


A rather alarmed looking sheep. This is my favorite image of the whole set. A split second after taking this all the sheep bolted.


More sheep.. enough said.


A very inquisitive horse, I assume that she though I had food. I took a second close up image of this horse, but the shot was way underexposed.. sadly.. it would have been a much better shot.


The last usable shot of the roll. The two subsequent shots were both badly underexposed. I really should have used and ISO 800 film. I was tempted to ask the guys at Peak Imaging to push the negatives by a stop or two, but decided against it.

In conclusion

I love this camera! I love the dreamy, badly focused images and the vignetting. I really wish I’d had some faster film available, like 800 or 1600 speed. The day was too overcast even for Ilford. I also learnt what type of shots would work best. The tree image was on of the best of the roll because of its simplisity. On most of the underexposed images, there was just too much contrast between the sky and the ground making the shots unusable. Next time i’ll have some faster film or some filters available.




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