From the Flickr archive – Richmond

Hi All,

I’ve just been digging around my older images on Flickr and I’ve just unearthed this little gem:

Richmond Landscape(Image © Gary Danton)

The landscape was originally uploaded in May 2010 but its actually a few years older than that. This landscape image was shot back in August 2007 on my venerable Canon A70 digital camera (now sadly departed).

I have no idea where the image was shot but it was within a few miles of Richmond, North Yorkshire. The image is actually a composite of two images to create the panorama, all the magical jiggery-pokery was done in Photoshop.

This shot was taken long before I got serious about photography on a crappy little 3.2 megapixel camera and I’m actually surprised by just how much detail is in the shot – that little point and shoot canon was a great little camera and very sadly missed.

I think its great looking back at older images and I think I’ll make this a more regular feature..




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