A Day in the Life

Hi All,

One of my recent college assignments was called “A Day in the Life”. The basic premise was to document a single day in my life myself with an image taken every two hours, no matter where I was or what I was doing. Here’s what I came up with:


(image © Gary Danton)

Taken in the car on the way to work. Nikon D40.


(image © Gary Danton)

Wires and cabling in the server room at work. Nikon D40,


(image © Gary Danton)

My messy and cluttered desk at work, just the way I like it. Canon IXUS 105.


(image © Gary Danton)

Le Mans Cresent, Bolton town center. Canon IXUS 105.


(image © Gary Danton)

View of classroom where I was working on a printer. Canon IXUS 105.


(image © Gary Danton)

This is my favorite image of the day, taken from ASDA carpark, Middlebrook, Horwich. A mad sunset. Canon IXUS 105.

I enjoyed this little project, it was fun documenting my day even if some of the images were a little mundane. On the flip side though, if I hadn’t had the camera with me, I’d have missed the absolutely cracking sunset this evening.




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