A Walk to the Shops

Hi All,

As today was such a pleasant day in the North West, I though i’d spend my lunch hour out and about to get some fresh air. Iphone in hand, I ventured to the shops..

Textured Sky(image © Gary Danton)

This image was taken from Morrisons supermarket facing “The George” pub. There is a bit of wasteland/car parking overspill (delete as appropriate) between the carpark and the pub, this is what you can see in the foreground. The pub has been derelict since before I moved to Bolton, so its been at least 5 years – and it looks pretty grim.

Exit (But Which Way?)(image © Gary Danton)

As the wasteland is also used for overspill parking, the bruised and battered tarmac has lots of curious, disconnected road markings. Most of them are for parking bays, but there are a few (very) disjointed exit signs, like the one above.

I also took a few colour shots, but i’ll save them for another day 🙂




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