A Drive in the Country – Pt 3

Hi All

This is the final part of my series of images from a recent drive out to Belmont, Lancs. The images follow a (semi)logical order so i’d recommend you check out part one and part two first.

Stripes(image © Gary Danton)

The above image was taken next to Wards Reservoir in Belmont. As I was getting into the car, I looked down and couldn’t resist snapping an image of the rather battered and weathered road markings.

Moorland (B&W)(image © Gary Danton)

Moorland(image © Gary Danton)

These to images were not taken too far from each other. Along the Belmont/Rivington road there are a number of parking points that are very popular with walkers, these images were taken at these stopping points.

The Pike(image © Gary Danton)

This image was taken in Rivington looking across open farmland looking towards Winterhill. In the distance you can see Rivington Pike and if you squint, you can just about make out the Winterhill TV mast.

In the Shadow of Trees(image © Gary Danton)

This image is one of my favorites of the series, it was taken not far from the colour image looking at Winterhill. You can just make out the edge of Winterhill in the distance, but the tree framing the image really makes it special.

Thats it for the series, I’ve made prints of the images available to purchase (if you feel like supporting the blog) through redbubble.




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