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Hi All,

I’d just like to tell you all about a little project that I’ve just signed up for called “Holga Projects“.

The basic premise is that a number of Holga 120 cameras, already loaded with film are being sent around the world to different project members. Once you recieve your camera, you take 3 shots, then pass onto the next member, where-ever in the world they may be.

The project is being run by Ted Forbes who also runs a couple of great podcasts called The Art of Photography and The Photography Show.

The following project manefesto is taken from the project website:

The idea is simple. We will send a Holga camera loaded with film around the world with a theme. Photographers who want to participate will get 3 shots to fill on the roll before sending the camera to the next person (4 people per camera). When the camera is returned to me I will process the film by hand and post the entire roll with photographer credits on the show website.

Its a great project that I can’t wait to be a part of. I think that spaces are still available and if your interested, send an email to Ted at the following address: holgaprojects@theartofphotography.tv making sure that “Holga Projects” is in the subject field.




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