Little Discoveries

Hi All,

I’ve recently been clearing out my office space and I happened on an exposed roll of Ilford HP5+ 120 film. Initially I couldn’t for the life of me remember when I had shot it – I’ve only had a single roll developed for my Holga.

After some thinking and checking through my images on flickr, I do remember taking the Holga with me when I went for a drive over to Belmont, back in March (the Hipstamatic images taken were posted here, here and here). There should be some similarities in the images, as they would have been shot at the same subjects.

I’m going to use Ilford Labs again for the processing, but as 120 format scanning is a little on the dear side I think i’ll get them developed as nice 6″x6″ prints and then scan them in from there (even though I’ve got a reasonable flatbed scanner, I still struggle to get a decent scan from a negative).

I’ll get this roll of in the next few days – i’m intrigued to see how they came out. I do remember it being quite a sunny day, so i’m hoping for better results than my first roll (very gloomy conditions).




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