Its amazing what people search for..

Hi All,

One thing I really like about flickr is the stats logged everytime an image is viewed. This is handy as it shows exactly where the link has been visited from – this helps me gauge just how effective various social media is (twitter, facebook etc).

Another thing that I quite like is the “all time views” – this essentially shows my most viewed images since I created my account back in 2009.

What really made me chuckle was my all time number two – a product shot of a tin of beans.

It really does surprise me what people are searching for.. every other day I seem to get at least one hit on this image – either from a search within flickr itself, or from a search.

Heinz Baked Beans Product Shot

This shot was taken back in 2009 as part of my digital photography course for a product photo assignment, and to be frank – is heavily flawed and unremarkable. I really hope that it doesn’t become my number one viewed image – if that happens I think i’ll give up photography! 🙂




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